Choose the Right Hydraulic Fitting

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all of the options for hydraulic hose fittings? A lot of options exist in the industry – our goal is to give you a very basic guide to definitions of types of [...]

What Hydraulic Pump Type is Best for my HPU Design?

Which pump you choose for your power unit affects the nature of your HPU builds. Pump choice usually depends on cost, complexity, and performance. There are three major types of pumps to select [...]

Advanced Pump Control from Rexroth

No matter what, your control pump will only provide as much flow and power as you need. How do you decide which pump is suitable for your specific applications? Below we’ve shared a few pump [...]

How Your Systems can Benefit from Electrohydraulic Control

New technologies are changing what’s possible for hydraulic systems with the addition of more precise  electric controls and connectivity  throughout the system. Hydraulic systems still provide [...]

Gulf Controls Company Announces Top Leadership Reorganization

Tampa, FL – April 2, 2018: Gulf Controls Company, Inc. (GCC) announced the promotion of John Flieman, III as its CEO, Rod Longnecker as the new President and Jordan Pritt as the Company’s new [...]

New Year, New Website

After months of hard work and dedication, we are pleased to announce the launch of Gulf Controls’ new website! You can check it out by visiting The website was redesigned [...]

Gulf Controls Company Successfully Transitions to ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Tampa, Florida – On December 29, 2017, Gulf Controls Company, Inc. (GCC) announced that it successfully transitioned to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. GCC is a leader in providing fluid power [...]

Gulf Controls promotes Rod Longnecker & Cary Wisner as they assume new responsibilities contributing to the growth of the business.

Tampa, FL – January 3, 2017: Gulf Controls Company, Inc. announces the promotion of Rod Longnecker to Executive Vice President Sales & Engineering, and Cary Wisner to Vice President [...]